Much more than an eyewear store…  

The team at L’Aire Visuelle is pleased to welcome you to its new clinic in Vimont, Laval. Chic, spacious and modern, our showroom will give you an eyeful with its wide range of frames, including a special selection of high-end models. Whether you’re looking for prescription eyewear, sunglasses or contact lenses, L’Aire Visuelle is a unique experience in the eyewear world.


Click on our products section to view a few of the frames and sunglasses available in our new showroom. And remember – this is only a small sample of the 1,400 frames carefully selected for our clientele. Through our experience and the excellent business relationship we’ve built with eyewear manufacturers and renowned designers, we’ve earned certain privileges, including exclusive representation! Exclusive – colourful – handmade – comfortable – lightweight… these are just a few of the attributes you will find in store for you at L’Aire Visuelle. Our wide selection not only reflects the latest, cutting-edge trends, it also meets the needs of our loyal clients and those of future clients who are sure to fall in love with our styles.

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