See the specialists at L’Aire Visuelle for all your optometry and opticianry needs.

  • Complete eye exam and visual function analysis;

  • Treatment of visual impairments with the use of orthoptics and ophthalmic lenses (eyeglasses or contact lenses);

  • Treatment of infectious or inflammatory ocular conditions (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, uveitis, foreign bodies, etc.) with a prescribed medical treatment or the proper recommendations;


  • Collaboration with other healthcare professionals, ophthalmologists in particular, for the care of patients having undergone refractive surgery, or of patients with glaucoma, diabetes or other conditions;

  • Advice for preventing visual impairments and for promoting ocular and visual health.

Did you know that when you buy your glasses at L’Aire Visuelle

The price of the frame includes :
  • Professional consultation to choose a frame that best suits you and your prescription following an extensive eye exam
  • Full satisfaction on adjustement’s
  • Manufacturer’s 1 to 2 year warranty
  • Maintenance, cleaning and change of nose pads

All services supervised by an optician!


The price of all lenses includes :
  • Professional consultation to choose proper lenses based on your prescription following an extensive eye exam
  • A 1 or 2 year warranty on all defects
  • All assessments supervised by opticians
  • Verification and follow-up to ensure full satisfaction


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