Experienced opticians to guide you !

The team at L’Aire Visuelle offers a full range of services related to optics. Here are the main ones:


    • Selecting a frame becomes easy, thanks to the expertise of our stylists !

    • Over 1,400 prescription frames and sunglasses to choose from in our huge showroom;

    • Digital photos are taken during your selection process, to help you make your final choice;

    • In order to optimize your lens performance and optical quality, our opticians use a cutting-edge technology, the Essilor VISIO OFFICE unit, to take customized measurements. This high-precision equipment analyzes your personal parameters, which are then used to make your prescription lenses;

  • Our onsite lens-edging laboratory, which features high-performance Essilor equipment, allows us to be extremely precise in preparing your eyeglasses, while also reducing the delivery time of your purchase. We provide lenses edged with unparalleled precision! Frame repair and fitting services offered at all times;

  • Contact lens fittings for all optical corrections: myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

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